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Heat Treatment
We would like to draw the attention of our client to the great importance of the right heat treatment operations applied to special and tool steels

Tool steel in also named special steel due to the special elements it contains and also according to the special microstructure it should to have when used as a tool or a die or a spare part in practical operations

The last word mentioned before is named also practical application or practical use as a tool which is a very important part in machine

The tooling part holds the top of importance of all machine parts because the continuous work with no breakdown of production line and then productivity and product quality are strongly connected to the level of tool quality

Our company is perfectly considering the success of tool made from BOHLER tool steel, so it has constructed a complete heat treatment center in one of the greatest industrial zones in EGYPT. It is located in 10th of Ramadan City, Industrial zone B3
Abilities of our heat treatment center:
Our center has two main lines of different furnaces, where eight furnaces are included in the two lines. Each furnace plays its important role in the heat treatment cycle

According to high quality of tool made from BOHLER steel, this tool is treated through about ten steps according to metallurgical heat treatment sequence. Each step is having our sever attention in order to ensure the safety and to attain the highest quality of tool at the end of treatment
The heat treatment lines in our center include the following treatment operations:
    • - Hardening operations of cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, plastic mold steels and engineering steels for gears, axes, connecting rods and others.

      This step of treatment is the most sensitive step due to its effect on the treated part. We have salt bath furnaces line in which the treated part is heated at certain temperature. These heating mediums ensure the high quality of surface and protect it against oxidationand decarburization defects during heating

    • - Tempering operations required to attain the required microstructure and required hardness

    • - Annealing operations for all steel types, this to qualify the treated part to machining operations

    • - Normalizing operations of carbon steels types to increase strength property

    • - Stress relief operation required to relief stresses after machining operations

    • - Nitrocarburizing operation (Tufftride process). It is an advanced operation applied to several tool steel types as a final step after hardening operation It increases the surface hardness, wear resistance and fatigue limit

    • - Hot chemical cleaning of part after finishing the steps of heat treatment. It ensures the good surface appearance of the treated part i.e. no residues of salts and impurities

    • - Testing operation as a final step, this for testing the required hardness

  • - It is very important to pay the attention of our clients to another important role we play. It is the technical consultancy we introduce to our clients It includes all responses to the questions of our customers, such as the right selection of material, advices relating to the part design and recommendations of tool use, this to attain the highest level of tool success and the highest level of tool productivity